Homeschool Division

We appreciate your interest in the Homeschool Division of Matthews Christian Academy. Our goal is to support your family by offering classes, programs, and services to assist you throughout the homeschool process.


The Home School Education Ministry of Matthews Christian Academy exists to strengthen and equip Christian families who home school their children through Christ-centered training.

mission & vision

• Support Christian families that desire to provide an alternative education for their children through home schooling. This includes accountability, encouragement, and consulting.
• Encourage and develop biblical sanctification in Christian families.
• Provide classes, programs, and services to assist Christian families throughout the homeschool process.

support services

 • Courses: Students in the 7th – 12th grade may take up to three classes on campus. Students desiring to take more than three classes should enroll as a full-time student of Matthews Christian Academy.
Athletics: Homeschool students are able to participate in athletics programs at MCA. Programs administered through the NCCSA must follow the homeschool guidelines of the NCCSA. Please contact the school office concerning these guidelines.
Testing: Students may take the Iowa and CogAT Assessment Program with the students of MCA. Students in the 10th and 11th grade may also take the PSAT test in the fall.
Fine Arts: Students enrolled in the Home School Education Ministry have the opportunity to participate in fine arts. Programs administered through the NCCSA must follow the homeschool guidelines of the NCCSA. Please contact the school office concerning these guidelines.
Field Trips: Field trips are taken by individual classes throughout the school year. Elementary field trips will be announced on a monthly basis. A signed permission slip must be completed and the cost for each field trip will vary. Parents of elementary children must accompany the class as a chaperone. High school field trips are grade related. School behavior and dress code apply at all times when on campus or participating in any MCA activity.
Chapel: Students enrolled in the home school program are invited to participate in chapel on a weekly basis.



Minimum requirements & services

• Fill out an application form and return it to the Matthews Christian Academy school office. An application fee of $25 per student should be included with the form.
• It is strongly encouraged that a portfolio for each child containing Objectives and Methods, a Curriculum List, a Reading List, test results, and weekly sample of each student’s work per subject, dated and in order. This portfolio allows the parents and the student to see gradual progress.
• Provide grade records for our records at the end of each semester. Grades should be mailed to the Home School Coordinator or dropped by the school office.
• Matthews Christian Academy’s Home School Education Ministry is willing to review your curriculum and portfolio on an annual basis to provide feedback and support as needed.



• Application Fee – $25 per student
• Enrollment Fee – $150 for the 1st child; $350 family maximum
• Course Fee (Jr. High and High School) – $450 per semester (per class). $100 Resource Fee Per Class
• Athletic Fee (Jr. High and High School) – $100.00 per sport
• Testing Fee (PSAT, Iowa and CogAT Assessment Program) — $50 per student