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Christian Worldview

All instruction at Matthews Christian Academy is founded on Scripture; our goal is to shape a Christian worldview in every subject, in every student.

Academic Excellence at MCA
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Language Arts

The purpose of the Language Arts curriculum is to teach students the skills needed to effectively communicate in society and minister wherever God may call them. Students show continuous growth as their skills develop over time in the areas of critical thinking, content-specific language, conventions, and discerning analysis of the literary genres. In the context of a biblical worldview, students develop the skill and heart to communicate God’s character and works to others.

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Our mathematics program covers areas such as whole and real number operations, geometry shapes and formulas, graphing, measurements, word problem solving, equations, and polynomials. Our program uses state of the art technology coupled with master teaching to prepare young people to be successful in college mathematics. Math is shown to be a tool for living out the Creation Mandate of Genesis 1.

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At MCA, History is taught with a clear understanding of God’s providence. Students are taught to see how God’s purposes are being accomplished and how history points to God’s sovereignty. The Bible reveals that God himself is working all things to accomplish His purposes for His glory.

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The Science program at MCA is designed to provide a strong foundation to prepare students for future studies in the field of science. Students are taught a strong creationist view of science while showcasing God’s design and direct involvement in creating and sustaining His creation. MCA has a fully equipped science lab, and students have the opportunity to participate in labs as part of the regular science curriculum.

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Bible Class & Chapel

The Bible program at MCA is designed to provide a strong foundation of Bible knowledge while developing a biblical worldview so students can engage culture in an informed way. The goal of Bible class is to help students practically apply Scripture to daily living.

The weekly chapel at MCA is a time for the student body to come together to study God’s Word together. A regular chapel includes singing, testimonies, and a message from one of the pastors or teachers. Chapels are designed to challenge students to love God and hate sin in their daily lives.